Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup

A new stylish coffee item is born in Japan!
Natural rush grass “igusa”, famous raw material for tatami mat is designed for the sustainable coffee cup sleeve. Let’s save tree and forest with enjoying coffee outside!

Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup
Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup

Ichimatsu type

Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup

Normal type

[1. Product Information]

1. Common product name : Tatami coffee cup sleeve
2. Brand name : Tatami eco sleeve
3. Product type (design) :  Ichimatsu type and normal type
4. Product origin and Manufacturer
Made in Hyogo, Japan by Iwamoto tatami store in Nishinomiya City
5. Raw material : Rush grass, Cotton thread, Hemp thread
6. Production process : Cutting, Sewing, Inspection, Packing, Shipment

Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup

7. Special feature : Accurate measurement with the handcraft of artisan, Accurate matching of the pattern with the first harvested fresh rush grass, It's comfortable to hold, Japanese rush grass made in Kumamoto

Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup-iwamototatamiten

8. Volume, size and weight per a piece : Length 26cm, Width 5.5cm, Thickness 3mm,10g per a piece
9. Quantity, size and weight per a carton
40 pcs/bag, 500g including outer cardboard carton
10. Maximum supply volume per a month, year : 1,000pcs/month, 12,000pcs/year
11. Shelf life and storage : Store in a cool and dry place.

[2.Price, terms and conditions, delivery information]

1.MOQ : 40 pcs /bag ~
2.FOB Price : Ichimatsu : JPY 36,000/40pcs (JPY 900/pc), Normal : JPY 20,000/40pcs (JPY 500/pc)
3. Payment terms : Cash in advance
4. Payment method : T/T, PayPal
5.Delivery : EMS
6.Lead time : Shipment in 1 week after confirming payment
7.HS-code : 1401.90.100
8.Sample : Free of charge up to 5pcs. (EMS is paid by the buyer.)
9.EMS rate
Please check EMS rate to your country (Please choose “Hyogo”)
10.Availability of supply in OEM, PB (Private brand) : Supply in OEM and PB (Private brand) is available. Please let us know the size you request.
11.Availability of area dealership : Please consult with us.

[3.Sales information]

1.Type of customer in Japan : Cafes, restaurants, hotels, general stores, individual customers
2. Popular use : Saving of disposable paper sleeves, introduction of original items with laser-engraved logo, presentation of the image as an eco-friendly store, new sales item, Introduction of an item to convey the image of Japan
3. Popular appeal points
Thin, lightweight, high heat insulation and heat retention, reusable and convenient, all raw materials are natural, only a limited number of people in Japan is able to make it
4. Precautions for use : Discoloration may occur when wet. Please wait until it gets dried.

Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup

5. Message from president
This is an original item made of traditional materials that makes it easy to enjoy the Japanese culture that has continued for a thousand years. You can enjoy the gentle fragrance of natural rush grass. The material is cut with a knife made by a swordsmith so as not to crush the fibers, resulting in a beautiful cross-section. Enjoy the touchable Japanese culture with your favorite beverage.

Tatami Eco Sleeve for Coffee Cup

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